1. What do I need to organize a Silent Disco event?

Everything you need to organize a Silent Disco event we will lend you. The basic equipment consists of wireless headphones and FM transmitter, to which you connect only the sound source in the form of Djs, mobile phone or your Spotify playlist.

2. How long do the headphones last fully charged?

Our loaner headsets are always fully charged. In continuous operation, they can play for at least 8 hours.

3. Can we pick up the headphones in person in Prague or Bratislava?

We can pick up the headphones in person in Prague or BratislavaPersonal pick up and return is a common practice here. Just arrange a date and time with us and the headphones are yours.

4. Do I pay any deposit on receipt ?

If we fill out our electronic order together and have worked together in the past, no deposit is necessary. Otherwise, we will make arrangements with you individually.

5. Can I ask you for Djs equipment or Dj themselves?

No problem we are happy to lend you everything from headphones to stage.

6. How far in advance should I book my headphones?

Our main season is spring/summer and early autumn. If you are planning your event during these periods we recommend booking/ordering your headphones at least 2 months in advance. However, this is not a requirement and you can call us up to an hour before your event.

7. Does Silent Disco technology work everywhere in the Czech Republic and SK?

Yes, Silent Disco technology works throughout the Czech and Slovak Republics. You don't need any permits to operate Silent Disco and you can operate it everywhere without fear.